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The recreational (non-league) football club "F.C. LIONS" (Full name:
FIELDCHURCHES LIONS) was founded in Feldkirchen an der Donau (translated:
Fieldchurches-on-Danube), Upper Austria in 1985. The club colours are

In former years we participated in Outdoor football tournaments as well as in Indoor football tournaments inside and outside Austria.

Furthermore we organize for several years the established international Whitsun 6-a-Side Outdoor football tournament and also an international Indoor football tournament for recreational (non-league) football clubs, corporate football clubs and FOOTBALL SUPPORTerS CLUBS.

Club Logo:

Team Image:


Postal address: F.C. LIONS
Postfach (P.O. Box) 6
A-4101 Feldkirchen (Austria)
E-mail address: fc-lions@aon.at
Phone number: Inside Austria:
0664/222 33 00
Outside Austria:
0043/664/222 33 00
Fax number: Inside Austria:
Outside Austria:



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